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Redactado por Pat, el sep.. 16, 2013
With my baby due in a few months, we decided the first step to fixing up the nursery would be to redo the hardwood floors. After a recommendation from a friend we called Leo and he came over for an estimate almost immediately. We talked about the color scheme we imagined for the nursery. He patiently showed us numerous color stain examples so we had plenty of options to choose from... we went with golden brown to match our pastel blue and green theme. He also suggested replacing the baseboard around the wall because it had some mildew discoloration; he promised he could match the stain color to the new floor perfectly. Leo got the job done quickly and without much fuss. In the end, our baby's floor is beautiful, clean, and safe. The baseboard matches perfectly as promised. Thanks Leo, you did a great job and we really appreciate it.
Redactado por George, el ago.. 31, 2013
A fantastic job by an experienced licensed professional. I am thrilled at the results of having two of my bedroom floors refinished at a great price and finished on schedule. Mr. Silva is obviously very experienced and very helpful explaining the process and choices in stain color and surface finish. He pays excellent attention to detail and delivered a great looking floor even though there was some damage from previous tenants. I will definitely hire him again when I'm ready to upgrade the rest of my house.